Reduce food Costs at Home with a stocktake

When your trying to reduce costs at home, a stock take is an integral part of the process. You need to know what you have. You need to know what you need. Doing a food stock take is easy and takes zero time. It also familiarises you with your spending habits and the food that […]

Cash Envelope Budgeting Ireland

It is easy to save money using the cash envelope budgeting system in Ireland. It is not a new concept. If you ask an older person. They would probably be able to tell you how to remember to pay all their bills with cash. Stuffed in different envelopes. With the world currently moving away from […]

How to Make Tasty Meatballs on a Budget?

I see a lot of meatball recipes. I would really love to see how do we make tasty meatballs on a budget? Honestly I a sick and tired of the association that low-budget foods cannot be tasty it is just wrong. This meatballs recipe is the ultimate example. The best part is my children love […]

How I Earn Money with Surveys and Questionnaires (Ireland)

I am often asked how to earn money with surveys and questionnaires in Ireland. Doing surveys and questionnaires for cash is an easy way to earn an extra few euros every month. I find that many survey sites that are based in the UK and Europe can be done by Irish participants and they will […]

Budget Chow Mein Recipe

Budget Chow Mein Recipe

This family-friendly budget dish is the best budget pork chow mein recipe. Big words but I stand by them it is unreal. It is both tasty and delicious. I know my children love it and even if I say it myself it can rival any takeaway recipe. It’s simply a tasty chow mein recipe. Budget-Friendly […]

My Pizza Dough Recipe

Who doesn’t love Pizza? I love it, and there’s nothing better than making it at home. But when you can make your own pizza dough it’s even better. It’s as relaxing as it comes, and you have a sense of pride at the end of the pizza-making process.  If you have kids, it’s even better […]

How to Keep Warm at Home on a Budget

With the current rise in pricing, there are a lot of things we can do right now at home to keep warm on a budget. Sometimes our budget night be tight but its important to keep warm and somewhat minimise the impact of the cost of living on our bank accounts.  Inflation is suddenly having […]

Orange and Almond Cake

Orange and almond cake. One of those cakes that you won’t believe you can make easily at home. I have to say I love most cakes that use ground almonds and I love cakes that contain citrus fruit. I’m pretty happy out with this one. My Ideal Cake For me, the perfect cake is the […]

Money Calendar

Money Calendar When I was in debt and I was struggling to manage my money, one of the things that kept me in the red was being charged for missed payments. The lack of understanding and control was overwhelming. At that time, I felt that I had zero control over what was going on in […]

Books To Elevate Your Mindset

The Caribbean Dub

Books To Elevate Your Mindset I get asked a lot about what motivates me. Well, it’s a lot of things, but one of the biggest motivators has always been books. Also, I’m huge on the environment and energy I allow into my life and space. For me, It’s so strange that as soon as we […]

Frugal Pizza Bread

Frugal Pizza Bread

Frugal Pizza Bread This is a budget friendly Frugal Pizza Bread. It is so affordable and tasty it can match most restaurant versions. I don’t know how you would describe it, but it is the most excellent bread I’ve had in a long time apart from my beloved sourdough. Maybe it was because it was […]

Delicious Budget-Friendly Banana Breakfast Muffins

Food shop on a budget

Budget-Friendly Carrot and Banana Breakfast Muffin Are you a first timer doing a food shop on a budget? Or are you the food shop on a budget Queen? Either way, these budget friendly Carrot and Banana Breakfast Muffins are the perfect frugal bite and will help to keep your food shop on budget. Would you […]

How To Avoid Budgeting Burnout

Budget Mindset Planner

How to avoid budgeting burnout well is a question and one that we don’t even realise we need to know the answer to. We’ve all been there, where you start a new habit and realise how hard it is to stay motivated past January. This year is going to be the year of change. This […]

Earn money from Surveys and Questionnaires

I get asked so many times how can I save when I have no money left. Side Hussle! To earn extra money quickly, I like to do surveys and paid questionnaires. So here i’m going to list out my favourite surveys which I do to earn extra money, all from the comfort of my own […]

Earn extra cash with Mystery Shopping

Earn More Money With The €333 Christmas Challenge Since I started the €333 Christmas Challenge, I have been inundated with questions about how to earn more money. The first answer, is mystery shopping. It is such a good gig. This month I will be aiming to earn more money to the amount of €300 from Mystery […]