Budget Chow Mein Recipe

Budget Chow Mein Recipe

This family-friendly budget dish is the best budget pork chow mein recipe. Big words but I stand by them it is unreal. It is both tasty and delicious. I know my children love it and even if I say it myself it can rival any takeaway recipe. It’s simply a tasty chow mein recipe. Budget-Friendly […]

My Pizza Dough Recipe

Who doesn’t love Pizza? I love it, and there’s nothing better than making it at home. But when you can make your own pizza dough it’s even better. It’s as relaxing as it comes, and you have a sense of pride at the end of the pizza-making process.  If you have kids, it’s even better […]

Orange and Almond Cake

Orange and almond cake. One of those cakes that you won’t believe you can make easily at home. I have to say I love most cakes that use ground almonds and I love cakes that contain citrus fruit. I’m pretty happy out with this one. My Ideal Cake For me, the perfect cake is the […]

Frugal Pizza Bread

Frugal Pizza Bread

Frugal Pizza Bread This is a budget friendly Frugal Pizza Bread. It is so affordable and tasty it can match most restaurant versions. I don’t know how you would describe it, but it is the most excellent bread I’ve had in a long time apart from my beloved sourdough. Maybe it was because it was […]

Delicious Budget-Friendly Banana Breakfast Muffins

Food shop on a budget

Budget-Friendly Carrot and Banana Breakfast Muffin Are you a first timer doing a food shop on a budget? Or are you the food shop on a budget Queen? Either way, these budget friendly Carrot and Banana Breakfast Muffins are the perfect frugal bite and will help to keep your food shop on budget. Would you […]

Pickled Red Onions

I had a student from Mexican. Who taught me this recipe. It used to bemuse me watching her love of these pickled red onions. Every meal she made, out would take this container from the fridge and out came the pickled red onions. Eventually, I gave in and tried them. Onions never tasted so good! […]

Jerk Marinade

Making up a batch of jerk marinade is so easy to do. You can put it in the freezer and out when needed. I don’t have any beef with store-bought marinades and spice mixes. Just know that when you start making your own there is no turning backwards. It’s is more cost-effective and it is […]