Earn extra cash with Mystery Shopping

Earn More Money With The €333 Christmas Challenge

Since I started the €333 Christmas Challenge, I have been inundated with questions about how to earn more money. The first answer, is mystery shopping. It is such a good gig. This month I will be aiming to earn more money to the amount of €300 from Mystery Shopping. I’ll be honest I have been applying for mystery shopping since I was paying off debts in 2019. For some reason, I was never picked when I really needed it. However, this month I have been really busy and I ain’t complaining! 

To add to that, I really want you to think outside the box. If you are reading this you are as resourceful as anyone out there. So no excuses! Lets get mystery shopping to earn more money. 

I currently do mystery shopping for Pan Research

As I thought it would benefit many of you, I asked them if they could write a bit about it works. Right now, I can’t say too much as that is part of our agreement. However, all will be revealed!

Below is an FAQ of Mystery Shopping with Pan Research. Together, we gathered all of your main questions so that they can be answered in one place.

Earn More Money Mystery Shopping

What is Mystery Shopping?

The role of the mystery shopper is to act as a typical customer, interact with the company or staff members, and report on their experience. Sounds simple, but there are a lot of factors to consider.
First, we work with the client to map out what the customer experience should look like.
The “best practice” that they want their staff to implement. From this, we build a specific questionnaire. The questionnaire covers everything from when a customer arrives at the premises, through their interaction with staff, making a purchase, asking about products and so on. A mystery shopper can also ask questions about products or services, to evaluate if the staff member is able to answer the query.
The mystery shopper completes their questionnaire shortly after the visit and submits it on our PANnet portal.  Our reviewing team checks, follow up if any further clarifications are needed, and send the final report off to the client.

Who are Pan Research?

PAN Research is an Irish Mystery Shopping Company, based in Dublin for 20 years! Our account managers don’t look old enough to be doing this for so long, but over the years we’ve completed thousands and thousands of mystery shops for our clients. To do this, we rely on our database of Mystery Shoppers from across the country, and we’re always looking for new shoppers.
Are you interested in joining the Pan Research team of shoppers? Do you have spare time to complete evaluations around your job or other commitments? Read on!

Do mystery shoppers get paid?

The answer is YES- we pay our shoppers for each evaluation they do, or in some cases, they buy a product which they keep as their payment. This is all outlined and agreed with the shopper in advance, and if the assignment doesn’t suit them, they are under no obligation to complete it.

Are you real people in real offices?

We certainly are! Our office is in the Nutgrove Office Park, in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14. We are here Monday- Friday, and our shoppers can contact us by phone during office hours. Email is handier- we deal with 100s of people, but we will always try to get back to your email ASAP.
Ok, so we’re definitely real… what else do you need to know?

How to be a good mystery shopper

To be a good mystery shopper you need:
– Good attention to detail – for each evaluation you will submit a report, which must be accurate and well written.
– Time management- you’ll need to stick to the report deadlines and submit your evaluations on time.
– Keep in contact with us- if we need extra information on your report, or we have to ask you a question about your visit, we need you to take our call or reply to emails quickly.
– PC and Internet access – all our reporting and assigning are done online, via our PANnet system. You’ll need to be able to log in to complete your reports. Don’t worry! You can do this from home after you’ve finished a visit- you don’t need to have internet access on the road. Then complete them on a phone/tablet, but a PC or laptop is easier for typing into the forms.
You must be over 18 to be a mystery shopper..
– Transport- some visits will involve travelling to nearby towns. So having your own car is beneficial (I found this was a bit stressful especially what your phone dies, no directions)

 Sounds Good? Please submit a short application on our website and one of our team will get back to you- Please allow up to 10 days for a response.

Please Remember:

Mystery Shopping is flexible and occasional work, it is not part-time work. When you become a PAN Mystery Shopper you will receive emails about assignments. You can choose to apply or not. Full training is provided.

You won’t be asked to pay us a fee to join our database, and no reputable company will ask you to do that. Shoppers sign up for free and are under no obligation to take on an evaluation. If Mystery Shopping isn’t your thing – no problem – simply deactivate your account and unsubscribe from emails, and you’ll be taken off our mailing lists.



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