How To Avoid Budgeting Burnout

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How to avoid budgeting burnout well is a question and one that we don’t even realise we need to know the answer to. We’ve all been there, where you start a new habit and realise how hard it is to stay motivated past January. This year is going to be the year of change.

This is the year I am going to take control of my finances. I’m going to take control of my house. Get everything in order, I’m going to thrive and here you are, month two, you are literally on the verge of giving up. It wasn’t what you thought it would be.  Budgeting is boring. Especially when you can’t find any extra money. You’ve been watching people like me, and you want me to be honest with you about how hard it is. I know that you want some insight into how I, and many others, keep going. 

Who in their right mind can keep up with that level of control and that level of budgeting?  It’s hard always to keep to such a program.  However, you also know that you cannot live your life like this anymore. Honey, you haven’t even started living yet! But, well, you’re allowed to change your mind. YOU CAN DO THIS! I’m here to tell you how to keep going and give insight into why are have failed in the past. Im going to help you to avoid that budgeting burnout.

Goal Setting To Avoid Budgeting Burnout

I don’t remember you setting any reasonable goals. Essentially what you’re doing right now is you are just budgeting for the sake of budgeting, and you have no idea why you’re doing it. You have nothing to keep you driven when times get tough or to lead you in one concrete direction. 

Firstly, you need to know your purpose. Do you know where you are going in life? What is worth sacrificing to get there? it could be a vision for your kids or as specific as that holiday you always wanted. Dream big, is it your dream house? Is it just to lead a life that doesn’t view money as a stressor? Having your true aim, your vision will drive you on when times are tough. 

Goal setting is the path, the stepping stones to achieving your purpose. When you have goals; you have a reason to focus. However, not just any old goal will do. Ah ah ah, wait a minute. Goal planning should be done in the SMART way; 

Your goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed. Goal setting is a plan that gives you the direction in which to go. 

Smart Goal Setting
Smart Goals

Other Factors To Consider

Next I want to introduce you to visualising. I want you to visualise precisely what you want from this budgeting journey. What do you see an organised life giving you? When you visualise, you are in charge. 

By the same token, you need to consider your environment. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. What is your environment like? Who is around you? What are their habits like? You are the company you keep. So when you are budgeting, and you’re afraid to tell the people in your life, look right now, I am trying to get myself on a secure financial path. There are some things I’d like to achieve, and I’m going to pull back on our usual activities for a  little bit until I get there. Do these people understand? Is it a dismissal of ‘ah you’ve changed’?

Is it time for you to really cast your net out and look around and see who might have this in common with you?

For example, if you were going to join a club on running, you wouldn’t go to your parents who have no interest in running and tell them you would enter a running club. So is it time for you to join an accountability club? Like the budget mindset club.

Equally as important is Self Talk. This is your internal conversation, it is how to speak to yourself. It can be positive or negative and can majorly impact your success. The language you think and speak, and also how you introduce budgeting to yourself will determine your relationship with it. Make it a positive experience, you’re not cutting back you’re planning ahead for future rewards.

How To Level Up

If your budget is failing right now, it’s because you do not have the right foundations set in stone. It is time for you to go back and start again. Build those foundations for your health to survive against every and any storm. Or elements are coming towards it. If you’d like to level up, why not consider investing in your journey. The Budget Mindset Planner is the cornerstone of my budgeting tools. Its how I plan ahead, create my goals, and it keeps me keep track. Its available in both hard copy & as a digital download here

Need more?

Why not consider joining the Budget Mindset Club with likeminded people? 

Sometimes, we need real talk and to be honest with ourselves. Budgeting is a tool. It’s a road map for your money. The superhero in all of this is you. It begins and ends with you. This is you lads. I have learned it, done it and I want you to succeed. Now is the time for really levelling up. Be honest with yourself and apply that honesty to your financial freedom. Join us in the Budget Mindset Club to see just how its done.

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