Reduce food Costs at Home with a stocktake

reduce food cost

When your trying to reduce costs at home, a stock take is an integral part of the process. You need to know what you have. You need to know what you need. Doing a food stock take is easy and takes zero time. It also familiarises you with your spending habits and the food that you might have ignored otherwise.

Why is it important to do a food Stock Take?

On average Irish Families waste €700 worth of food every single year. Think about how much food you waste yearly and how this can affect your family. This is crazy and also calls for some thinking on the sustainability end. I practice zero was, and I don’t particularly appreciate seeing food being dumped. It’s the ultimate privilege. Do the stock take and avoid wasting money and wasting food. It’s a double win. We need to think of reducing food cost regularly.

How often do you do a food stock take?

Pantry stock should be done regularly and should be but not too much. Every quarter is a perfect time to have a reset. When doing a food stake take, I mean going back to the cupboards and taking everything out. It is different from just checking what’s there before making your shopping list. This allows you those sweeping glances when you are busy in your day-to-day life. It would be best if you had each of them in different categories.

How to categorise your foods?

Here is how I categorise my food q

Pantry / Cupboard



What’s the expiry date?

How much was used?

Free Printable Food Stocktake Inventory.

I decided to do one for you to begin your journey immediately. I want you to start this journey sooner rather than later, so let’s get stuck in This will we a sure fire way to reduce youe food cost at home.

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