Pickled Red Onions

I had a student from Mexican. Who taught me this recipe. It used to bemuse me watching her love of these pickled red onions. Every meal she made, out would take this container from the fridge and out came the pickled red onions. Eventually, I gave in and tried them. Onions never tasted so good! This pickle is used as a topping for tacos in Mexico. I love the idea of preserving food naturally and I am a huge fan of pickling. Not only are the health benefits great for your gut but it also a way of delaying food waste if not stopping it altogether. Remember one of the best methods of being frugal with your food, is to not be quick to throw your food and money in the bin.

I was not too fond of onions

Yes, I used to get a wave of nauseous when I saw even the teeniest bit of onion on my plate. In recent years I’ve started to eat onion in its raw form. However, I am still a huge fan of cooked onions, especially if the crunch has been cooked out of them. I am one of those mammy’s that would use a grater as a sneaky tool to add some much-needed vegetables into my cooking. I discovered I loved the flavour of onions and not often the texture. These pickled red onions are affordable, delicious and I dare you not to make double the recipe.

In every trip to the supermarket, it is now a normality to pick up red onions. Honestly I dare you not to try this.

Pickled Red Onions

This is so simple and flavoursome that it will be a welcome addition to your fridge and your plate.

  • 2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1. teaspoon salt
  • 2 large limes
  • 2 medium red onion
  • 2 chillies (most chillies will do)
  1. Chop your onions as thin as you like. I like to get a good crunchy bite but now too thick.

  2. Slice your chlillies fairly thin.

  3. Place your onion and chilli into a bown and mix well.

  4. Roll your lime befor slicing to get maximum juice and squeeze into the bowl with the onions and chillies.

  5. Add your salt and oregano. Mix well and eat immediatley or place in the refrigerater.

This is usually tastier the day after. The onions turn a very vivid purple. It honestly will brighten up any plate. One of my big things is to eat food by colour meaning the more colourful your plate is the healthier it is. I would add these pickled red onions to any Jerk meat grilled with my Jerk Marinade https://thecaribbeandub.com/category/frugal-bites/

Health Benefits

Red onions contain quercetin which study show fights inflammation. It is also said to fight bacteria, and in these times, who am I to argue with that. So let’s talk about lime juice which is high in antioxidants and vitamin c. Well, hello, healthy skin. Ok, I need to stop being vain lime juice improves our immunity, reduces heart disease and helps us absorb iron. That is why I love using natural ingredients most times, and they’re actually more affordable and better for our health in the long run. In keeping with health benefits, I wrote another blog on the benefits of skipping, which might be of interest to the health-conscious reader.https://thecaribbeandub.com/the-benefits-of-skipping-minutes-a-day/

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