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This blog is dedicated to my devotion to intentionality and my journey of cherishing each day I wake up. Often, life’s simplicity goes unnoticed amid societal expectations dictating what defines personal betterment. But what if these norms are misguided?

As a Money Mentor, I guide my clients in mastering budgeting techniques. I delve into strategies like embracing no-spend days, offering free tips on healthy dining, and advocating more brilliant shopping to bolster savings.

As I navigate the realms of money, mental health, and relationships, I continually ask myself: What truly brings me joy? What are my passions and preferences? On, I share the sources of my happiness—moments that allow me to catch my breath and invite genuine joy into my life.

My aim isn’t to revolutionise your perception of money. Instead, you’ll notice that my pursuit of simplicity, service, and joy transcends a materialistic mindset.

The arrival of my children prompted a profound personal inquiry: What does Satins O’Garro genuinely enjoy? Despite attributing changes to motherhood, this is a question I have yet to explore. I’ve often been told what I’m good or bad at, yet this core aspect of self-discovery eluded me.

I revel in cooking, thoughtfulness, and the unhurried rhythm of nature. I cherish dancing in a way that ignites giddiness within me. Meeting new people and learning for the sheer joy of understanding and connecting are my passions. I thrive in eschewing excessiveness and remaining connected with those who comprehend why these loves constitute my life’s oxygen.

Reduce food Costs at Home with a stocktake

When your trying to reduce costs at home, a stock take is an integral part of the process. You need to know what you have. You need to know what you need. Doing a food stock take is easy and takes zero time. It also familiarises you with your spending habits and the food that […]

Cash Envelope Budgeting Ireland

It is easy to save money using the cash envelope budgeting system in Ireland. It is not a new concept. If you ask an older person. They would probably be able to tell you how to remember to pay all their bills with cash. Stuffed in different envelopes. With the world currently moving away from […]

How to Make Tasty Meatballs on a Budget?

I see a lot of meatball recipes. I would really love to see how do we make tasty meatballs on a budget? Honestly I a sick and tired of the association that low-budget foods cannot be tasty it is just wrong. This meatballs recipe is the ultimate example. The best part is my children love […]

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