What I’m About

I love my Children and as everyone keeps reminding me this time with them is so short and precious. If I learn anything useful I will definitely be sharing it here.

Cooking is something I do to distress myself. It’s my comfort area and I love to learn, experiment and be creative with food on a budget.

Mindful Spending is another passion of mines. I cleared €15027 in debt in one year as a single income family. I love sharing the things that I’ve learned in the most authentically positive style.

Hi my name is Santis and I cleared €15000 off debt in one year. If your interested in debt management and personal finance then this is the site for you.

I would really like to share my views and most importantly to hear your views on sustainable living and avoiding as much waste as possible.

I work really hard to have a positive outlook in life, If you have found this site through my social media then you will know I’m being honest. Anyway if any of this is of interest to you please don’t hesitate to follow this blog.

Have a look at my most recent posts…

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    It took me about 6 months to realise that having a budget was so necessary in order to complete the baby steps.
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  • Plan of Action
    The first thing I did admittedly was daunting. My god this scared the shite out of me. Because although I knew who I owed money to the amount was always a ball figure in my head. Side note: I beganContinue reading “Plan of Action”