I’m normal!

Hi All, I write the way I talk so let’s be Frank :).

Look I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about budgeting, because I don’t. If you’re here to read about how I have a perfect life and a perfect family. You’re in the wrong place. This is me showing you what has worked for me. At the time of writing this I am on my 4th month of my debt free journey. I have saved €1000 in an emergency fund and I have paid off over €3000 in debt. So I’m obsessed with budgeting.

I sat in work early Jan 2019, Thinking what the hell did I just post up on Instagram. How stupid am I to tell everyone I’m Going on a debt free journey. It’s not the first time I’ve tried to be debt free. I’ve done it before I wrote blogs about it I have literally been without loans for a month or so then here comes temptation and it all starts again. Something felt different this year. I’d had enough. This is not the life I want to live.

One of my Chinese customers came to the counter and of course I had to ask her “what year is it?” looking confused she replied “ehm 2019″. No no I’m mean with the Chinese new year coming up ( do I really have to finish my sentences as well lol ). She said it’s the year of the pig. Very lucky year! With money .” I’m ashamed to say that it ended with her googling to see if that was my year and tadaaa it bloody was.

Ladlies I needed to hear that just like a new mother needs to hear. “Put your feet up, here’s a cup of tea give me the baby, you deserve a break” .

You see I’m not broke, I’m just normal really. Actually I’m good. I’m a manager and I…

  • Pay my mortgage every single month.
  • I also pay half the amount of money I pay my Mortgage towards childcare.
  • Then I pay my credit union which is 1/3 of my childcare payments.
  • Of course my property management which is 1/2 of my credit union payment.
  • Then car insurance which is half of my property management.
  • Then my lovely DFS repayment which is €20 less than my car insurance…..Oh jesus I’m exhausted after that are you?

That’s just my Bills. It’s not my food, electricity, babies clothing. But look I’m just FUCKING NORMAL alright?

I’m also tired and drained and sometimes I miss payments because I’m a single mother and there’s too much I have to think about. But the banks and Credit union understand they won’t charge you as much as the €15 my insurance charges for missed payments.

Those lovely ADs they post up to entice you to get that holiday loan have lovely smiling pictures. They do care!!!

The year of the pig is here…it’s my year. And I’m exhausted from being NORMAL…. I would really like to be a weirdo now where do I begin?

To be continued……