How to Make Tasty Meatballs on a Budget?

I see a lot of meatball recipes. I would really love to see how do we make tasty meatballs on a budget? Honestly I a sick and tired of the association that low-budget foods cannot be tasty it is just wrong. This meatballs recipe is the ultimate example. The best part is my children love […]

How I Earn Money with Surveys and Questionnaires (Ireland)

I am often asked how to earn money with surveys and questionnaires in Ireland. Doing surveys and questionnaires for cash is an easy way to earn an extra few euros every month. I find that many survey sites that are based in the UK and Europe can be done by Irish participants and they will […]

Money Calendar

Money Calendar When I was in debt and I was struggling to manage my money, one of the things that kept me in the red was being charged for missed payments. The lack of understanding and control was overwhelming. At that time, I felt that I had zero control over what was going on in […]

Pickled Red Onions

I had a student from Mexican. Who taught me this recipe. It used to bemuse me watching her love of these pickled red onions. Every meal she made, out would take this container from the fridge and out came the pickled red onions. Eventually, I gave in and tried them. Onions never tasted so good! […]