Cash Envelope Budgeting Ireland

It is easy to save money using the cash envelope budgeting system in Ireland. It is not a new concept. If you ask an older person. They would probably be able to tell you how to remember to pay all their bills with cash. Stuffed in different envelopes. With the world currently moving away from […]

How to Keep Warm at Home on a Budget

With the current rise in pricing, there are a lot of things we can do right now at home to keep warm on a budget. Sometimes our budget night be tight but its important to keep warm and somewhat minimise the impact of the cost of living on our bank accounts.  Inflation is suddenly having […]

Money Calendar

Money Calendar When I was in debt and I was struggling to manage my money, one of the things that kept me in the red was being charged for missed payments. The lack of understanding and control was overwhelming. At that time, I felt that I had zero control over what was going on in […]

How To Avoid Budgeting Burnout

Budget Mindset Planner

How to avoid budgeting burnout well is a question and one that we don’t even realise we need to know the answer to. We’ve all been there, where you start a new habit and realise how hard it is to stay motivated past January. This year is going to be the year of change. This […]

Earn money from Surveys and Questionnaires

I get asked so many times how can I save when I have no money left. Side Hussle! To earn extra money quickly, I like to do surveys and paid questionnaires. So here i’m going to list out my favourite surveys which I do to earn extra money, all from the comfort of my own […]

Earn extra cash with Mystery Shopping

Earn More Money With The €333 Christmas Challenge Since I started the €333 Christmas Challenge, I have been inundated with questions about how to earn more money. The first answer, is mystery shopping. It is such a good gig. This month I will be aiming to earn more money to the amount of €300 from Mystery […]

Budget Planner Ireland

This is a breakdown of My Four Families Budgeting method. I developed this method during my debt pay off . I wanted a priority baased budget, I didn’t see anything I liked so I

The €333 Christmas Saving Challenge

I don’t like surveys, I don’t like them. I find that they are so time-consuming, and to be fair, there are some pretty crap ones out there. However and a big however they have saved my skin several times.  I mean formula for Eliza. Money to keep the lights on. When I was on my […]

What is a No Spend Day

A No Spend Day (NSD) is a day in which you deliberately don’t spend any money. When I say you don’t spend money, I am not speaking about your direct debits. I am talking about going to do your supermarket. You might be thinking food shopping is a priority. I also said to meal plan […]

Debt Repayment Methods

There are a number of debt repayment methods available for those who want to tackle their personal debt. When I paid off over €15000 in one year, I did my research on the debt snowball vs avalanche method, eventually coming up with my own personalised plan. Coming to terms with repaying your debts in full […]

Emergency Funds and Rainy Day Funds for Irish Savers

Based in Ireland and thinking of saving for a rainy day or an emergency fund? Then read on. An Emergency fund, or rainy day fund, is a necessity for Financial Wellness. Most people don’t realise the necessity of saving for a rainy day. It is the ultimate need as it will save you in times […]