Orange and Almond Cake

Orange and Almond

Orange and almond cake. One of those cakes that you won’t believe you can make easily at home. I have to say I love most cakes that use ground almonds and I love cakes that contain citrus fruit. I’m pretty happy out with this one.

My Ideal Cake

For me, the perfect cake is the actual flavour in the cake. And this one does not disappoint. It’s moist and flavoursome with every single Bite.

Luckily I had this cake in Morocco in 2019 before I embarked on my debt-free journey. It was the last hurrah before I decided to become a healthy grown-up.  Although I do think holidays are money well spent time and time again. I enjoyed Morocco. I loved the smells, hearing the calls for prayer, the colours oh those vibrant and muted spice colours. And most of all I loved tea time at our Riad.

At 4:00 PM every day we would have tea. And we would literally plan our day around. Coming back and sitting on the terrace. Having sweet peppermint tea with whatever cake the cook came up with. It was an absolute pleasure. Of a holiday and it’s one that I know I will be back fairly soon to see again. Morocco, you have been missed. And thank you for having me.

 This orange and almond cake is a perfect way for you to entertain. Think of this. You can go into it. A bouji café and spend up to €5  for a slice of this. Maybe not as flavoursome if I do say so myself. But after you’ve made this simple cake, you will really realise how nice it is and how simple it is to make. Every single slice melt in your mouth. Did I say that before? This is definitely a great recipe to add to your meal plan with The budget mindset Planner

Gluten free Orange and Almond Cake

I don’t know whether it’s the eggs, but it really makes me think, do I actually need butter? There’s no butter in this, no milk, no wheat is so simple. And it’s just so beautiful.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Let’s try orange and almond cake together.

Saving for my KitchenAid was one of the best things I ever purchase I’ve been baking so much more also my daughter absolutely loves it and she can make a minimum mess now.  It’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted, but I’ve always wanted. This one was for me and I wants and my interests. I have not regretted this purchase it’s a good thing that Eliza loves the colour because I’m sure it will be passed down to her or Louis at one stage. I like to buy a get cost for use out of a product.

This Cake Cost less that €4 to make

For this recipe, put away your Weighing scales. What I need from you is. Your measurement spoons. I got these from Amazon and they were pretty. Inexpensive.

Printable recipe


The oranges used were about to go off. This is a tasty way to avoid zero food waste.

Here is the youtube video of me making this cake.

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