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Work With Me

Whilst I work with my clients in group settings and one to one, I am also available for corporate talks. 

I work with businesses of all sizes and discuss Employee Well Being and Financial health.

We are all aware, especially nowadays, that stress can come in many forms. Our most prevalent stressors usually centre around money and financial well being. 

Financial stress can impact an employee’s happiness, productivity and attendance. Knowing how to budget is something that should be taught in schools as a tool for managing your life but it is not!

Let me bridge that gap. I will speak about my budgeting method. How to prepare financially for changes in life with an emergency fund.  I will give your employees the words and tools to understand how to manage their own finances in a jargon freeway. Simple advice that people can relate to and put into practice. 

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The Budget Mindset Masterclass is designed to help your employees take control of their finances by empowering them with my method of budgeting and then inspiring them to make small, achievable financial changes in their daily routines through subjects such as elevating your mindset, cooking from scratch, groceries on a budget and living more sustainably, all with a dash of fun.

It’s important to note that I am impartial and independent. I am not affiliated or tied to any Financial Institution or Lender. You will get my method of budgeting & tips that will benefit you.

My Budgeting Mindset Masterclass can be a one-off session or a series of financial wellbeing seminars with specific topics, each session about 1 hour long.

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Carphone Warehouse
Peptalk Motivational Speaking

Science Foundation Ireland

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