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It was really hard for me to find a budget planner in Ireland. So I created a benchmark Budget Planner. It was important that my whole budget ethos was in here. When I started budgeting, I found it hard to find the method that was right for me.

So I created my own budgeting method because of my love for simplicity. My own method was so successful that I created my budget planner that now, thousands of people use to manage their money and pay off debt.

What is a Budget Planner?

Budget Planner BOOK
The Budget Mindset Planner

A budget Planner is a physical workbook that is created to give you an ongoing real-life assessment of your personal finances and goals. They enable you to make accurate decisions on a well-researched level of awareness. If you have a great budget planner it will help you to decide the best way of spending money whilst creating a positive experience around money.

Budget planners should make you enjoy budgeting.

But let’s circle back to my budget struggles. Just before I started to figure out how I budget, I would have said:

  • I don’t know how to budget
  • YOLO! I don’t have time to budget
  • Budgeting is boring
  • Budgeting is for penny pinchers
  • Budgeting won’t work for me because I’m bad with money
  • Budgeting is too complicated and stressful.

Overall, I was budgeting-adverse.

What I learned by the time I had cleared all of my debt in one year was:

  • Everyone can budget- you just have to find the right way to budget that fits your circumstances
  • If I had time to spend worrying about being broke, I had time to spend sorting through my budget
  • Life is too short to worry about money; budgeting enables you to live a fuller life
  • Wealthy people budget
  • Budgeting is simple and once you start, you’ll significantly reduce your stress over money

Why creating a quality planner is important?

Putting pen to paper should be an enjoyable experience. That is why I invested in the very best materials to create this planner. Budgeting gets such a bad name and everyone associates with skimping so there were no shortcuts with this planner. This is an A4 hardback planner. It is a budget bible. Budgeting is such a serious task why not make it a self-development experience. I wanted your household budget planner to have every bit of information that your may need.

What is a Budget PLAN?

The easiest way for me to explain budgeting is with an analogy. Think of your money as a car. It is just a tool and its performance depends on whoever is in the driving seat. In order to get directions for your car, you need to map out your route. This is what your budget is for your money. It is a road map and in the same way, you wouldn’t just try to figure out how to get to a new destination without consulting a map. A budget is also needed for your money.

How to use the budget Planner?

In Ireland, we are still confusing the purpose of goal setting and how personal it is for us. So I made sure I came up with pages where you can create your own vision board. This budget planner has monthly goal setting and a system that promotes that kind of goal. You could use this budget planner in Ireland and abroad as your household budget planner, your family budget planner in Ireland, a wedding budget planner in Ireland and yes your business budget planner.

The Four Family Budgeting Method

I paid off €15027 in debt in 1 year.  During this year I developed the 4 Families Budgeting method. This has single-handedly transformed how I budget and makes me actually want to continue budgeting. 

This is a priority-based budgeting system which means we prioritise our money according to what holds value within our lives. It will put you in survival mode so you can get into the mindset to thrive.

The 4 Families consist of 

  • The Walls
  • The Longs
  • The Fundays and
  • The Jones’.

These are four different categories for you to break down your expenses into. This Budget Planner gives you the means to really organised with five weeks of spacious worksheets.

You start by entering the income from all the different sources. Once you know what your income is, we can start working on expenses.

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Getting into the budgeting mindset?

Get your Budget Mindset Planner at The Budget Mindset Club

The Wall Family

So here are our necessities. Some examples of these expenses are:

  • Food- your food shop (not including takeaways or dining out)
  • Housing – rent/mortgage
  • Utilities- gas, electricity (not including optional expenses like Netflix and Sky)
  • Childcare
  • Medical expenses.

Remember guys, the Wall Family are your backbone. Prioritise them. Add your total for everything and subtract this away from your income.

Once you have your walls around you can focus your mind on planning for the future.

The Longs

The same is repeated for The Longs which are your:

  • Current minimum debt repayments
  • Your non-essential bills
  • Sinking funds.

If the Wall family is your Castle, the Longs are your soldiers. Some of your non-essential bills such as you your TV licences and sinking funds such as Christmas and birthdays. You can have sinking fund in all the Families but in the Longs are those that are semi-necessary. We add the total amount. Subtract from the starting income to become the new starting income for the Fundays family.

The Fundays

The same is repeated for The Fundays Family which is the fun aspect of your budget. This is your:

  • Self-care
  • Wants
  • Treats. 

Your nights out and children’s fun days all go here. If there is one thing I always encourage is to put you in the budget. We add the total amount. Subtract from the starting income minus your Walls and Longs expenses to see what you have left.

The Jones

Finally, we are at The Jones’ Family. This is where you are at looking towards your future, such as:

  • Extra debt payments
  • Emergency Fund
  • Investing
  • Saving for a mortgage
  • Pension.

The reason why we get so organised in the other families is that we have a hefty starting balance when arriving at the Jones’. We add the total amount. Subtract from the starting income. Your total should be the same as the starting income which is called a zero-based budget.

Click here to get your free Four Families template and start budgeting.

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