What is a No Spend Day

A No Spend Day (NSD) is a day in which you deliberately don’t spend any money.

When I say you don’t spend money, I am not speaking about your direct debits. I am talking about going to do your supermarket. You might be thinking food shopping is a priority. I also said to meal plan and go to the supermarket maximum of once a week.

The realisation that money is just a tool and the valuable assets in our lives is the time we have to share with each other. This realisation woke me and I really needed it. Obviously, for my budget, it is a chance to free up some money. So there is a sense of practicality for your Financial Well-being. I became debt free because I managed to curb my spending habits, and I racked up over 200 No Spend Days in 2019. Coincidence? I think not.

Why Do People Have No Spend Days?

Two years after starting to schedule them, I have realised that designating days to intentionally not spend have been the key to my mindset shift. They have helped me to focus on my budget and save money for the days when I need it. My relationship with money has improved.

From the standpoint of a consumer, they have allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to say ‘no’. Particularly in regard to my spending habits.

These are days that I have set up clear boundaries about what I’m willing to consume in my life. I consider each purchase now, if there are not sufficient for me, then it’s definitely not being invited in on a No Spend Day.

How Social Media Has Helped Me To Spend Less

My Instagram feed is synonymous with the yellow square alerting my followers that I have had a No Spend Day. I found no spend days invaluable whilst repaying all my debt over such a short period of time. Honestly €15027 in one year is no joke. I had the worst relationship with money. For me spending money was an opportunity to make myself seem so put together when on the inside I was so insecure about myself. It brought me the highest highs and the lowest lows. Acquiring things became an addiction. The more I got the more I lost the connection with myself and who I really was. So why a No Spend Day?

In 2019 although financially I had very little. Little by little I became addicted to the No Spend Days. I wanted more! I wanted to have more quality time with my children, more jobs are done around the house, more time in nature and more time to reflect and reconnect with myself. Here is a short video of me and my children setting off on our no spend adventure.

Tracking No Spend Days

I tracked the days I didn’t spend throughout my debt free journey. I decided how many I would have in a week, and that kept me motivated to achieve my goal. When you decide to not spend, you will be more deliberate in your actions. You’ll raid your fridge for something to make for dinner from what you already have, instead of going to the shops. You’ll pick a free activity to do with the kids, rather than splashing out on a paid activity. It all adds up.

As a result, when I created my budget planner, NSDs were something I tracked. I really believe they are the key to getting your finances under control.

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Do you do no spend days? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Since reading about your NSD’s I’ve been doing it too. I told my colleagues in my office about it and now the 3 of us do it. It’s caught on so much. Some days one of us will suggest a walk to the shop at lunchtime and the others will say “No, I’m having a no spend day”. Its great

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