The Caribbean Dub

Hi, I’m Santis O’Garro.

As a Money Mentor, my job is to help my Irish clients with how to budget. How to utilise no-spend days, free saving tips on eating healthy dinners and how to shop smarter.

It is my goal to transform how you view your life and see money for what is: a tool that enables you to choose the life of your dreams, if managed well. 

I do so by sharing my lived and learned experiences.  Through my Workshops, my shop, my blog, Instagram ,Podcast and my Youtube.

This is the time to create awareness around your spending habits. Figure out how to budget in a specified way so that your priorities are met. Spend intentionally when you want to acquire more. is your foundation to budgeting. It is the backbone to starting your budgeting journey, full of techniques for Irish budgeters to learn how to live well on a budget, become debt free and get into a better mindset with their money.

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