Budget Planner Ireland

This is a breakdown of My Four Families Budgeting method. I developed this method during my debt pay off . I wanted a priority baased budget, I didn’t see anything I liked so I

The €333 Christmas Saving Challenge

I don’t like surveys, I don’t like them. I find that they are so time-consuming, and to be fair, there are some pretty crap ones out there. However and a big however they have saved my skin several times.  I mean formula for Eliza. Money to keep the lights on. When I was on my […]

Pickled Red Onions

I had a student from Mexican. Who taught me this recipe. It used to bemuse me watching her love of these pickled red onions. Every meal she made, out would take this container from the fridge and out came the pickled red onions. Eventually, I gave in and tried them. Onions never tasted so good! […]

The benefits of skipping 10 minutes a day?

Is it a bit early for me to talk about the benefits of skipping? I started my skipping challenge on the 2nd of June; now it is day 12, and I have done nearly 10000 skips. You know your girl would never go that deep into anything without doing her research. Currently, I feel revitalised […]

What is a No Spend Day

A No Spend Day (NSD) is a day in which you deliberately don’t spend any money. When I say you don’t spend money, I am not speaking about your direct debits. I am talking about going to do your supermarket. You might be thinking food shopping is a priority. I also said to meal plan […]

Jerk Marinade

Making up a batch of jerk marinade is so easy to do. You can put it in the freezer and out when needed. I don’t have any beef with store-bought marinades and spice mixes. Just know that when you start making your own there is no turning backwards. It’s is more cost-effective and it is […]

Emergency Funds and Rainy Day Funds for Irish Savers

Based in Ireland and thinking of saving for a rainy day or an emergency fund? Then read on. An Emergency fund, or rainy day fund, is a necessity for Financial Wellness. Most people don’t realise the necessity of saving for a rainy day. It is the ultimate need as it will save you in times […]