The benefits of skipping 10 minutes a day?

Is it a bit early for me to talk about the benefits of skipping? I started my skipping challenge on the 2nd of June; now it is day 12, and I have done nearly 10000 skips. You know your girl would never go that deep into anything without doing her research. Currently, I feel revitalised the way I used to feel after a run. Except I step outside my back garden, and it’s straight down to business. In some ways, I feel transported back to my childhood. I use to play skipping every break time with my friend in the yard from ages 6 to 10. Back then, the benefits of skipping were pure joy.

Skipping is the best cardio and such a cheap investment.

My skipping rope broke on day 6, and I searched long and hard for a replacement. I really took my time, and yes, the price was a component in my decision-making process. Prices vary, they really do, what I would suggest is to start on the lower price point. We are not into wasting money here. We need to make sure skipping is our thing. Here are two ropes that I found on Amazon. These are my affiliate link and will be no extra cost to you x

What skipping ropes I use?

I chose two skipping ropes. And the answer is no I do not have a favourite. The first skipping rope is VANWALK Jump Ropes Fitness with Counter I am really impressed with this skipping rope.

  • 2 skipping ropes, short ones for indoor and tight spaces and the normal length skipping rope are adjustable.
  • Great price at €14.83.
  • It came with a calorie tracker, a counter, spare battery.
  • Easy to use, it was easy to assemble and light enough to use
  • Quick delivery

The second was Haige Skipping rope

  • Great Price at 7.50
  • Cushioned handles will be perfect the longer I get at it.
  • The weight is perfect, and the rope is adjustable.
  • It is easy on the eyes actually, this skipping robe is gorgeous.

I love these both for different reasons. From reading the reviews the Haig is described as sports skipping rope. Maybe the cushioned handles are aimed for longer skipping time. I don’t know I’m just happy to have both.

Let’s get down to the Benefits!

  • Cost-Effective: It doesn’t really cost a lot of money for you to take up this exercise. This is ideal if you want to get fit on a budget. Ropes start from as little as €2 on second-hand pages, and they always available for sale, if you are not picky about preloved then you have a bargain. Maybe now might be the time to start your budgeting journey and incorporate a new fitness routine into your savings. Here is a link to my planner (no shame in my game )
  • Heath: Can you believe skipping 10 minutes a day is equivalent to running for 30 minutes at 8 miles per hour? The Irish Heart Foundation is doing a skipping challenge for July; you can find information on this here. Skipping is actually the best cardio exercise, hands down; why is that such a good thing? First, it increases the heart rate. This can dramatically decrease heart disease. Second, it really does get the mood flowing. There is actually another benefit of skipping it gives you a healthy dose of rhythm okay improved coordination.
  • Convenient: You can bring a skipping rope anywhere. It is handy to carry doesn’t t take up a lot of room; if you were to get the VANWALK, you don’t even need a long rope. It really is such a great benefit. You don’t have to be a special weight or size; you can start as you are.

Yes, there’s more…benefits to skipping 10 minutes a day

  • Reduces belly and Bust: Skipping improves endurance and stamina. It is great for reducing belly fat although I was always told my Budda belly is because of my love of sweets. Let’s please not speak about a reduction in breast size. Personally, that is not a benefit of skipping but a negative. I already have nothing! You need to be skipping for up to 30 minutes a day if you’re looking to lose weight. So why is it a benefit to do 10 a day? It is highly addictive, and once you start, you will only add on more time.
  • Memory: I am a mother of two young children. I am a victim of baby brain, which is forgetfulness magnified. When you skip it also stimulates the lower hemisphere of the brain, which is good for awareness, alertness and also memory. Can I get a hell yes!!!!

Do you need anything additional?

Only a great sports bra, some shockproof socks and support shoes.

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