Cash Envelope Budgeting Ireland

It is easy to save money using the cash envelope budgeting system in Ireland. It is not a new concept. If you ask an older person. They would probably be able to tell you how to remember to pay all their bills with cash. Stuffed in different envelopes. With the world currently moving away from cash. You might think. Is there a need for budgeting in this way anymore? But there is.

How does the Cash Envelope Budgeting System Work?

The cash envelope budgeting system works in the same way as a regular budgeting system.

  • First, you would need to categorise your outgoing.
  • Then you would have to list your expenses under each category.
  • You would then assign a category to each envelope. For example,-Food Shop. Then there would be an envelope called Food Shop.
  • Every time you do a budget, you would assign us the amount of money you would put into your food shop.

Usually, you would list your categories under your respective families( I mentioned the way I budget in this blog However, with the cash envelope system, you’re breaking down the categories by cash and your, keeping them at home. So instead of lodging the money in the bank. You’re withdrawing from the bank and stuffing your envelopes at home.

What is Cash Envelope Stuffing?

Cash Tray

Cash Envelope stuffing in Ireland is a budgeting method that is once again being revived in Ireland. I have personally fallen in love with budgeting with cash. And week by week I use cash more and more.

This involves. The process of putting the cash into your envelope every week or whenever you get paid. When your budget and firstly, you would write out your budget. As a guide, as a road map. With the cash you are putting. Your words into action.

Some of the categories could be food shops. Petrol, rent money, Back to school or even. Self-care fund.

 you would need to.

  • Assign your expense To each category.
  • Make sure you go and get the denominations of notes that you might need. For example, if you have to put €10 in your back-to-school envelope and get all 50s, you will be unable to stuff the cash envelopes effectively because you don’t have the change needed to do so.
  • When you’re about to start cash stuffing, make sure you have yours Cash envelopes and your cash binder.
  • Assigns each category. You count the money. And you stuff the envelopes As you go through your list.

Clear the videos may stuff in my cash envelopes.

What is a Cash Wallet?

A cash wallet is a mobile budgeting bank, used for the cash budgeting system. You can find cash wallets. At the budget Another budget entails. That will help you with your cash budget in Journey right here.

Typically they come in the form of a binder or an actually large ladies’ purse. Attached is an insert binder clip to attach your cash envelopes to. Here is a picture of one that is sold in

Cash Envelopes Wallet Set

To make it. Really useful and visually attractive. It usually has space for your coins, identification and driver’s licence and bank. Cards. This one has even a space for putting your mobile phone. Which makes it totally handy. Whether you have a purse or you just want to carry your wallet. In the restaurant.

The benefits of Cash Envelopes.

There are many benefits to using cash envelopes. Here’s a list of things that I have found really beneficial.

  1. It limits spending, especially if you struggle with emotionally spending. The cash envelopes can be a really great resource for limiting this.
  2. Create control around your spending. If you go into a supermarket and yet tempted to buy something that is not on the list. Once you have your cash envelope, you know that you have to keep within what you have because you don’t have anything else.
  3. Keeps you organised through its way of budgeting without having to physically track all your spending.
  4. It’s a really easy system to learn. It’s very, very practical.
  5. Cash is king if you stick with the cash envelope system, you will literally be loyal to your budget.
cash envelope stuffing
Cash Envelopes

If you are ready to start your cash stuffing journey please find your Cash stuffing start pack here at

Who is the method suitable for?

Cash envelope budgeting is suitable for people that are on a low income. That may have a very tight budget or maybe just limited time. It is a very easy system to learn and it is ideal for someone beginning their budgeting journey. If tracking your spending is your pet hate then cash envelopes will provide you with a way of doing that. If you’re affected by Emotional spending or impulse spending cash envelopes would be a suitable tool for you to use in your budget arsenal. It allows you to limit your spending. But to also prioritise your spending plan according to your budget and your goals. Cash Envelope Budgeting in Ireland is the new cool kid on the block. Also I am so excited that you took the time to understand how to really understand this method.

Have you tried cash stuffing is this something that you would like to try? If you have any questions on the topic please don’t estate to comment and I will get back to you. Thanks for reading Santis.

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