The little the large, the good,
the bad, the slang,

The laughter , banter central,

The Gaa, the cricket, the football.

Grey skin ,red eyes, hoarse voices.
Gym bunnies , sweat soaked Lycra,
Fun runs and boot camp.

A helping hand, a lost soul,
Hyper active , pensive looking for a sign.
The Caribbean pot, the melting pot.
Restaurant reviews the good, bad and ugly.
A Cosmopolitan, drinking cosmopolitans.

I’m positive, I’m opinionated,
I’m hopeful, I can be kind.
I’m older and wiser,
With even more to learn.

Small talk, small minded.
Loud fashion quietly confident.
Family recipes ,not always healthy.
Painted lips, more dining out.
Soca music is my god.
Museums, galleries a lot of things to do;
The Caribbean Dub on tour.

Cycling phone and camera in hand,
Click click trying to capture the feel of the city.
Big up Dublin, big up wherever you are.

My history, my life ,my story
All for me to share,
follow, like, favourite, retweet, let me share this.
My Emerald Isle to your Emerald Isle.
Love Dublin…. Love Montserrat.

Tasting,listening, smelling … Feeling, no bad reviews found here. You could have been anywhere else but you chose to be right here with me …
Thanks TCDub xxx