Fast Debt Payoff

This can be admittedly daunting. On a personal level I was apprehensive about facing my debts. I knew I owed money. I just didn’t know how much.

Although I knew who I owed money to the amount was always a ball figure in my head. Part of the reason I’ve personally never dealt with my money problems is because I was actually afraid to know exactly how bad things have gotten.

1. I listed everything I owed on a piece of paper. I mean everything. It was the most releasing thing I’ve ever done. That ball of stress anxiety and worry was no longer something I carried around with me. There they were in black and white on my note pad. Boy did I list these bad boys. As I sat back and looked at my work. I proceeded to apply The baby steps method to my list .

To be continued ….

Gather all of your debts!

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