So after I listed every last cent I owed out I was now aware of what needed to be done. I needed an my emergency fund.

You see not only I totted up that I owed over €15000 out I also didn’t have a scrap of savings (apart from my credit union which was tied to the loan).

I needed an Emergency Fund. If your like me then you are reading thinking hello how bloody much do I need. My amount was €1000. For the simple fact of I’m a single mother one income family with a mortgage. Things can go wrong pretty fast. It is a personal amount. I saved this pretty quick. I had cash back coming from the revenue.

Having an emergency fund is the difference between devastation and an inconvenience. When I say this you have to believe it. My boiler went and there wasn’t a whimper out of me.

I created a free emergency fund tracker to help you get started. Let me explain there are 100 sirens here. If your Emergency Fund Goal is €1000 then you divide this by 100 making every siren worth €10. All you have to do is colour in a siren as you deposit €10 into your account. Hope this helps guys.

I spoke about this on my YouTube channel here the link

Also you can read more on the importance of an emergency fund in The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

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