Hi My name is Santis O’Garro and I’m debt free.

Wow that felt so good to write.

I will give you a brief synopsis of my life. I moved to Ireland from Caribbean island of Montserrat at the age of 11. I would say I had led a previously sheltered life. Life was a lot slower there. I’m writing this introduction as a 36 year old single mother of 2 wonderful children. Yes that’s them in the picture my whole entire world. They are the reason that I embarked on a life changing journey to become debt free .

You see the thing is debt has always been pretty normal to me. As I recall everyone in my life used credit cards, credit unions, over drafts and loans in general as way of showing how adult we all were. It was a badge of honour to know that we were all accepted in some ways and as the offers for new credit cards rolled in, I know that I for one was only too happy to sign on that dotted line. Free money, new cars, fancy holiday I was living the dream except I wasn’t!

I sat in work early January 2019, thinking what the hell did I just post up on Instagram. How stupid am I to tell everyone I’m Going on a debt free journey? It’s not the first time I’ve tried to be debt free. I’ve done it before I wrote blogs about it I have literally been without loans for a month or so then here comes temptation and it all starts again. Something felt different this year. I’d had enough. This is not the life I want to live. I deserve better and my children were going to get better.

You see I wasn’t broke, I normal really. Actually I was good. I was a manager making decent money and I…

  • Paid my mortgage every single month.
  • I also paid half the amount of money I pay my Mortgage towards childcare.
  • Then I paid my credit union which is 1/3 of my childcare payments.
  • Of course my property management which is 1/2 of my credit union payment.
  • Then car insurance which is half of my property management.
  • Then my lovely DFS repayment which is €20 less than my car insurance…..Oh my I’m exhausted after that are you?

That was just my bills. It wasn’t my food, electricity, babies clothing. But look I’m was NORMAL alright?

I was also tired and drained and sometimes I missed payments because I’m a single mother and there was too much I had to think about. Those €15 my insurance and bank charges for missed payments for practically part of my outgoings.

I knew I had to change I knew something was

The Chinese year of the pig was 2019…it was my year. And I’m exhausted but I know now that I will never want to be normal again.

In this blog I’ll share my debt free Journey, the life style behind the budget and what brings joy to my life.

“The growth that comes from any lifestyle over hall leaves you with this unquenchable thirst and zest to live your life on your terms.”

santis o’garro
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