“The growth that comes from any lifestyle overhaul leaves you with this unquenchable thirst and zest to live your life on your terms.”

Santis O’Garro


A little about me my Santis O’Garro and I am a Life Coach. I specialise in  Mindset Elevation and Budget Coaching. It has taken a long time to realise my potential and purpose. I want to help people simple as. I didn’t realise this until I underwent my own life changing journey. You see, the thing is, debt has always been pretty normal to me.

I was a manager making decent money and I was really accustom to the struggle and drudgery struggling monthly to meet my mortgage repayments, childcare, credit union loans, car insurance, property management, Furniture repayments, credit cards, over drafts. Those were just some of my bills and loan repayments. 






So many times we live our lives in a way that we perceive as pleasing to others. In 2018 I was at a humiliating point of my life. All of my bad money decisions had finally caught up with me. I was a single mother with two young babies. I was in debt and I was broke. I was broken. 

I had spent my entire adult life trying to buy my way into being accepted. I had altered who I was and was so far away from the things I value that I was deeply unhappy, attracting and keeping the wrong energy in my life. I worked in a Betting Shop from cashier to manager for 16 years and helplessly witnessed the effects bad money choices can have on people.  I thought in many ways I was immune. I wasn’t.  

In 2018 all my bad money habits came tumbling out. I was tired and I was done. I honestly thought if I died it would be better for everyone. I thought I was a burden to myself and my loved ones. Thankfully the right people intervened and I decided to step out of my own shadow, as uncomfortable as it felt. That was the making of me. I followed my gut and publicly shared my debt-free story. This led me down the path I am on now – empowering others to free themselves. 





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